Glen Anderson


A close friend of Sirius and Reika, the three were the first Element Users to perform a successful Unification in battle, but this partnership ends abruptly when an accident during the battle puts Glen in a coma. Sirius and Reika visit him regularly, until they find out he was moved to the medical center at the New United Nations. Later, they discover he is being used to pilot the New United Nations' Military Vectors as a way to fight the Shadow Angels if the Aquarion is out-of-action. It is reveled that at the New United Nations medical center, he was selected for an operation to graft shadow angel feathers into Elements to give them great strength to combat the Shadow Angels, which gave him a cyborg-like personality. This operation was seen in bad taste by both Humans and Shadow Angels. It is uncertain of what his main power as an Element is, but in the second-to-last episode in the series it is suggested that it is a close-ranged, more controllable version of Tsugumi's power.