Glycine Bleumer


Floral Namesake: Wisteria (formerly genus Glycine (plant) [5]; soybeans are now part of that modern genus (species names: G. soja and G. max)) Place of Origin: France (of Norman ancestry) Martial Talents: Use of the Halberd, a medieval polearm. Koubu-F Unit/Koubu-F2 Unit: Colour: Sea Blue Weapons: Axe & Shield, Great Axe & Arm-mounted Buckler Birthdate: April 18, 1907 Age: 16(3)→17(4) Height: 161 cm (5'3") Weight: 46 kg Blood Type: B Theme Song: "Eroica" The daughter and sole heir of the Bleumer family, a great noble of Normandy decent. Her personality is aggressive, due to her Viking blood. She is preoccupied as to how a noble should act and contribute to society. She is also extremely proud with talent to back it up, and does not hesitate to hard work to gain such talent. A very responsible and reliable member of the Hanagumi. She is a good friend to Kitaoji Hanabi, who lives in the Bleumer family palace. She loves small animals (revealed in the dating event in Chapter 6), and has humanity to protect the weak. Because of her pride as the protector of Paris, both as a noble and a member of the Hanagumi; she, at first, does not think that a foreigner such as Ogami could protect Paris. However, as she sees the genuine nature in Ogami, she starts to respect Ogami as the captain of the Hanagumi. There is a "Bridegroom Test" for the Bluemer Family, which requires excellent intelligence, battle skills, and blood line, to be accepted as the "Complete and Perfect" bridegroom for Glycine. Ogami passed the test. Due to what appeared to Glycine as a lack of pride in Ogami, she had an argument with him and eventually a duel. Ogami loses (Since he was worried of attacking her when she lost her balance) and becomes a temporary maid for the Bleumer family. Later, she was proposed to another noble named Count Richie. But Ogami manages to expose his true identity by challenging him to a duel and winning. Watching the duel, she thinks that Ogami lost to her on purpose. In the end, she respects Ogami after another argument with him and finds out the true meaning of nobility. She has a personal head maid named Tarebou and always sneaks out the house with multiple excuses while she works in Chattes Noires as "Blue Eyes" to conceal her identity. In the game, Ogami is asked to help her get out of a Bleumer traditional event, where octopus, which she hates, is served. According to Grand Mere, if they used her real name, the Bleumer family will come storming in to Chattes Noires for making their only daughter a cabaret dancer. (Wikipedia)