Godou Kusanagi

草薙 護堂

The main character of the series and one of only 7 Campione. Originally a retired middle school baseball player, after his grandfather asked him to return a stone tablet to a friend in Sardinia named Lucretia Zola a series of events take place in which he kills the god Verethragna, a Persian god of Victory. Due to a curse, any god killed by a mortal, that mortal shall obtain the abilities of the killed god. These are the people known as Campione. Godou obtains the abilities of Verethragna's 10 forms: The Wind, Bull, White Stallion, Camel, Boar, The Youth, Raptor, Ram, Goat and The Warrior. As the series progressed, he has gained other authorities as well. He became the owner of the Kusanagi sword after defeating the physical divine form of the sword. He has also received blessings from the Goddess Athena as she was approaching her deathbed and also from the Goddess Circa as well. He is one of the very few who managed to get these authorities without actually killing the goddesses he fought. Each of these forms give Godou a different ability; however each also has a condition for activation. He's very uncomfortable with having Erica, Yuri and Liliana competing for his affection and even tries to distance himself from them, even though having a harem is one of the Campione's privilege. Throughout the series, he has become accustomed to Erica and the others' gathering around him and even regards them as close friends and people he will protect with his life.