Also Known As:

  • Seiryuu no Goh
  • Gou

Zeus gave him the Sword of Seiryuu. Seiryuu means Azure Dragon of the East (Spring). Goh is the oldest of the Saint Beasts (the four Saint Beast calls him Anija which means older brother) and tends to be very serious and in charge of the missions given to him by the Goddess (they call her Megami-sama).He has a deep friendship with Gai. Goh's left eye is colored red whereas his right eye is colored blue, has short brunette hair and a pair of black gloves. Wears a blue sleeveless qipao outfit. He took charge and became the leader of the 4 Saint Beast (replacing Judas).

In terms of his age appearance on Earth, he is 22 years old and is 185 cm tall (6').

Goh first appeared in the anime "Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo" as an antagonist and groom of Yuki, one of the twelve guardian angels of Goro Mutsumi who later became the Goddess.
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