Gohan Son

孫 悟飯

Also Known As:

  • The Great Saiyaman
  • The Gold Fighter
  • The Golden Warrior

Race: Half Saiyan, Half-Human Height: 5' 9' Weight: 155 lbs Birth Year: 757 Age Hobbies: Reading, Fishing, Researching Favorite Food: All Types of Food Favorite Vehicle: House Wagon Gohan is a main character in the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama and is the dual main character of Dragon Ball Z along with his father, Goku. Gohan is a shy and studious intellectual, and as a child lacks the fighting spirit that is common among most Saiyans. However, because he is forced to protect the ones he loves, he taps into his vast half-breed Saiyan potential, becoming one of the most powerful main characters in the series. As an adult, he abandons his superhero duties and uses his mind, as a premier scholar. Gohan is extremely powerful, sometimes surpassing Gokuu, Piccolo and Vegeta at certain points in the story. At first, the relationship with Piccolo is a frightening one, but after Piccolo saves Gohan's life from Nappa at the cost of his own, Piccolo admits his change because of Gohan's acceptance of him during the 1 year they were training together. From here on out, Piccolo acts as an uncle (oji-san in the Japanese version) to Gohan. Krillin also acted as a strong confidant in Gohan, particularly during the Namek arc and the beginning of the Buu arc. Gohan also shares a strong relationship with his father in Gokuu, citing his walking up to Freeza on Namek as a source of inspiration and strength. He also spends to close to a full year just with him in the Room of Spirit and Time during the Androids arc, and the two really get to enjoy each other's company. Gohan's respect and love for his father is all the more shown when he elects to wear Goku's orange gi when he sets off to fight Buu. His hobbies are reading, fishing, and researching scholarly subjects. Though he claims he does not share the love of fighting Gokuu has, Gohan does feel obligated to help when danger arrives. He also enjoys being a hero, as seen by his comedic and unimpressive Great Saiyaman stunt. Another prominent facet of his personality was the fear of his own great potential power, which was seen when he was afraid that he might kill Cell during their battle in the Androids arc. (Source: Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide, Character Edition)