Gola Mosca

Gola Mosca (Italian for throat fly or maybe intended as Gluttony Fly) appears to be the first series of the Mosca weapons. Originally a weapon built by the Military, but was covered up until the Vongola began working on it themselves. The Military stopped developing the Mosca weapon because it required a human life force that could use a strong dying will flame for its own power. The Varia owned a prototype of the Gola Mosca series that had a deactivation button on its back, as well as an advanced model with no deactivation button. Once the advanced model began attacking, it was believed to be unstoppable. The newest model of the Gola Mosca was dressed as an official member of the Varia and was treated as the potential Cloud Guardian for Xanxus's Family. It was, however, quickly defeated by Hibari and lost its right to the ring. Unfortunately, Hibari failed to fully deactivate Gola Mosca, and it began to rampage, attacking anything its sensors picked up as alive. When Tsuna arrived, he was able to overpower the weapon and sliced it in half, revealing the restrained & bloody body of the 9th Vongola Boss. Xanxus used this situation to frame Tsuna, and become the 10th Boss with loyalty from the majority of the Vongola Famiglia. Gola Mosca, as a Varia member, represents the sin of Gluttony, because Beelzebub, the demon of gluttony, is called the "Lord of the Flies" and takes the form of a giant fly. (Source: reborn.wikia.com)