Goldov Auora

ゴルドフ アウオーラ

Also Known As:

  • Goldof

Age: 16 Goldov is one of the 7 heroes of the six flowers trapped in the mist barrier. He's the head of the Black Horns Knights from the country of Piena, and is completely loyal to its princess, Nashetania. He's said to be the strongest person in Piena. In fact, according to Nashetania, during last year's Piena's martial arts tournament when she fought against Goldov in finals, Nashetania only won because Goldov went easy on her. He's really formal around his princess, talking extremely politely. Goldov is a really tall, black haired man with a stern looks on his face. He wears a heavy and extremely resistant black armor and wield an heavy spear in battle. His helm has two curved horns mimicking a sheep's horns, and his spear is linked to his gauntlet by an heavy chain used like a lanyard. At 14, as a award for winning a tournament, he was the given a Sacred Instrument known as the Helmet of Truth. This helmet, which he continues to wear was imbued with the power of the Saint of Words, and would notify the user if their master was ever taken captive. Once activated, the wearer and the master would be able to communicate. In the case of Goldov, his master is Nashetania. While Goldov is widely known as a young and talented knight, very few are those who know of his origin. Born from a petty thief and a prostitute, he lived until he was ten as a hoodlum in a small city located in the west of Piena. Very tall for his age, Goldov has always been ridiculously strong and fast. Extremely violent, he's subject to strong accesses of anger which make him lose all control of himself, and his anger usually don't dissipate until he kills everyone around him. Because of this, he was avoided by everyone in the town, as being involved with him meant risking to be killed for no apparent reason. When he was ten, he encountered the princess of his kingdom, who was running away from the king gone mad and his soldiers. He fell in love at first sight for Nashetania, without knowing her real identity. After rescuing her by assaulting alone a whole house full of guards in a bloody access of anger, he's saved and recruited among the Black Horns Knights who were faithful to the princess, and was given a forged name and origin. He learned to write as well as proper manners, and after winning Pienna's tournament at the age of 14 (which made him the youngest winner of this annual tournament in history), received the title of leader of the Black Horns Knights (although he only received the title as a reward, as in fact the old leader still continues to manage the knights as he used to do) as well as a special helm with two curved horns. After a while, he almost became Nashetania's personal guard, until he was given the order to capture the Six flower's killer. After spending months tracking any signs of the six flower's killer, he finally encountered Chamo and learned of Fremy. However, before being able to find her, he received the mark of the six flowers and immediately headed for the gathering point, leaving his mission unfinished. Goldov is a genius fighter, blessed with almost supernatural strength and speed as well as with a resilient and huge body. He's one of the best fighter among the heroes of the six flowers, and becomes even stronger when his princess is in danger. Goldov is usually calm outside of battle, but will attack without warning anyone who endangers Nashetania. She seems to be the only person who can calm Goldov's anger and therefore prevent blood to be spilled.