Gorneo Luckens


Also Known As:

  • Goru

The captain of the 5th Platoon and Zuellni's supposed strongest military artist. He is also the younger brother of Heaven's Blade wielder Savaris Luckens. Supposedly the Lucken's family is considered to be a high family in Grendan, for Gorneo knows some information about the Haikizoku and is targeted by Haia for it. Gorneo's DITE has yet to be revealed, but it is assumed to be a pair of gauntlets like Savaris's. He and his brother also share similar fighting techniques. While the two are brothers, Savaris does not seem to care much for Gorneo, as he is only a person of mediocre skill. Gahard Vallen was Gorneo's senior. After Gahard was put into an unrecoverable state by Layfon, Gorneo became mortified and stopped smiling. Additionally, Gorneo strongly resented Layfon, and while he wished for Layfon to atone for his actions, he could not help but want to kill him as well. After learning of Gahard's death from Savaris, Gorneo breaks down crying. Though Gorneo still considers Layfon to be his enemy, he recognized that Layfon was the only one capable of saving Zuellni from the Dying Slave and thus agreed to take Leerin to give Layfon the Psyharden DITE. Gorneo is almost always seen with Shante at his side. He seems to deeply care about her, telling Layfon that it was okay to kill him as long as Shante remained untouched. Unfortunately, Shante often causes him problems by trying too hard to help. When Grendan approaches Zuellni, Gorneo declares that he will side with Zuellni because that is the place where Shante is. Consequently, Shante energetically hugged Gorneo, nearly causing him, Shante, and Leerin to get into an accident. Later on, it is shown that he has become friends with Layfon, or at least accepted him, as he requested Layfon to train Shante through a "friendly" match. Afrerwards, Gorneo shook hands and acted friendly towards Layfon. The Chrome Shelled Regios artbook shows his name to be written as Golneo Rukkense.