Gouki Mutou

武藤 剛気

Gouki Mutou - Standing at 190cm with a pointy hair. He is Logi's Ace and honour student and is renowned for the transport tools, he is a skilled driver that can operate anything from a car to a nuclear submarine.. Once, during the time Kinji was in the assault class, they were heading towards the scene of a crime, and luckily, they had an honor student from Logi. He drove around in what could only be called a scooter, but it drove like a rocket. Only people with a certain aptitude or skill could drive it.

Kinji considers him as a Tranportation Otaku. This is all due to his knowledge about all kinds of vehicles may it be on land, sea or air. Also, for the ease of maintaining it, this guy chose to use a Colt Python revolver. But the gun’s loading capacity is small, and it cannot equip a suppressor, so normally no Butei would use it. Also, no girls like Muto. Even though he isn’t a bad guy, he's too wild.



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