Gouki Shibukawa


Master of the ancient jujutsu arts used by the samurai soldier-warriors of feudal Japan. Is sixty years of age, and has trained since prior to World War II, in the "old days" of the martial arts. His art makes use of the martial arts principle of aiki, which uses the opponents' attacks against him. Manages to make it all the way through to semi-finals in the Maximum Tournament series and battles against Jack Hanma. In his third match with Doppo, Goki is shown to act in an insane manner while fighting. He also states that he's killed many people. He later teams up with Baki to face the Japanese convict Yanagi Ryukou in the 'Search of Our Strongest Hero' series. He also has a friendly sparring match with Biscuit Oliva and another match with Mohammad Ali Jr. In the Maximum Tournament, he faces Roger Harlon in round 1, and Shinogi Koushou in round 2 before facing Doppo in round 3 and losing to Jack Hammer in round 4. When not fighting, he's quite eccentric (as well as a bit senile) as he lives the day and fears nothing. Although in the series Goki is said to be a master of the old style of jujutsu, and when he fights Doppo it is said that he represents Jujitsu, most Goki's techniques looks like Aikido, and even Goki himself resembles the Aikido Master Gozo Shioda, founder of the Yoshinkan Aikido. (source: Wikipedia)