Also Known As:

  • Father

Gozuki is the leader of the newly formed assassination division of the Empire, Elite Seven. He is responsible for the development of the members of the group, honing their skills in battle and teaching them to be competent assassins. Eight years prior to the start of the series, he gathered an estimated 100 children in Gifnora Forest inhabited by Danger Beasts, seven of the strongest survivors of this test would become his students. He refers to his trainees as his children, and they call him Father in return. He possesses the Teigu "Murasame", which would eventually become Akame's. He was very strict if not cruel as seen when he picked children for his purposes and separated Akame from her sister Kurome despite their protests, saying that children mustn't depend on each other in his group. He also claimed that he wouldn't forgive them if they fail their tasks. However, he seemed to genuinely care for them, seeing how he regretted Cornelia's death, and his pupils reciprocated this care. He himself noted that the entire process was harsh. Gozuki was a very strong and formidable fighter. He possessed the Teigu Murasame and wielded it skillfully. Just like the other Rakshasa demons, he was able to control his body in various ways, such as growing his nails and hair at a rapid speed to pierce enemies or bend and twist his body to avoid attack. (Source: Akame ga Kill! Wikia)