Grace O'Connor


Sheryl's manager from Galaxy Fleet. A person with a gentle and calm attitude. She often upsets her employer despite having considerable abilities. Grace has bio-mechanical implants that allow her to digitally record certain images into her mind, as well as receive cellphone calls directly into her right ear. She also appears to be secretly working with Brera Sterne as his superior. In the 13th episode, it is revealed that Grace is a cyborg as well, as she transforms her arm in a variety of conduits and uses them to activate a weapon of mass destruction called a "Dimension Eater". She apparently perishes in the ensuing fold dislocation, calmly wishing everyone from Macross Frontier good luck before the explosion engulfs her and then Galia 4 itself, triggering a large scale Vajra attack on the Frontier fleet in the process and destroying the N.U.N.S. 33rd Naval/Marine fleet base that was in the planet as well. It was revealed later that Grace uploaded her mind into another cyborg body. She is currently Ranka Lee's new manager. In 2047 she was a scientist in the 117th Long Distance Research Fleet and worked in Dr. Mao Nome's team, surviving the destruction of the fleet during the Vajra attack that happened a year later. In 2053 she continued the research on the V-Type infection in Galaxy Fleet, using Sheryl Nome as the test subject.