Griselda Reginhard


Also Known As:

  • Zelda

Shortened to Zelda (ゼルダ Zeruda?), she is the current head of security in Lotte's manor. Like all the other staff Lotte chose, she is concerned about Lotte's dislike for men, although she would prefer sympathizing with the princess than reprimanding her. She usually acts as Lotte's confidante or adviser whenever Lotte is troubled. Griselda tends to act tsundere towards Naoya since she had bad experiences with him during their first meeting. Griselda's subordinates often wear very revealing suits, to her extreme embarrassment. Griselda seems to hate Naoya but is implied to have a small crush on him. She is very insecure with her flat chest and exhibits many tsundere traits like Lotte, albeit Griselda is much more mature than Lotte, only snapping during extreme situations. Griselda is usually seen together with Effie or Judit, watching over the princess, Asuha, and Naoya.