Also Known As:

  • Vongola Lightning Bull

The Vongola Lightning Bull, who appears as a large armored bull that can generate electricity, is the Vongola Box Weapon of Lambo. It was first seen when an angered Lambo released it and told it to kill Gokudera (who had earlier insulted Lambo). As with all other animals owned by the Vongola Famiglia, the Lightning Bull has a crest on its forehead. Abilities: Cambio Forma : Lampo's Shield (Lampo is Italian for Flash): Gyuudon takes the form of armor and a shield that covers Lambo's body. The shield has two horns like Lambo's and the Roman Numeral I in the middle. It also forms a helmet on Lambo with the Lightning Crest in the middle and two rings encircling his own horns. This form has incredible defensive abilities and can also fire out intense bursts of Lightning called Corna Fulmine (lit. Lightning Horn). These bursts are strong enough to kill an entire army of Velociraptor di Nuvola. Trivia: Gyuudon literally means "beef bowl." (Source: Reborn Wiki)