Hagoromo Gitsune


Also Known As:

  • Yamabuki Otome

Birthday: November 16 Height: 162 cm Weight: 49 kg Clan: Kyoto Yokai Hagoromo Gitsune is the demon fox who was originally considered the master of spirits and is the head of the Kyoto Yokai. According to Keikain records, Hagoromo Gitsune first appeared during turbulent times, possessed the body of a notable child, and took control of the body to attain adult form. Gathering power by absorbing hatred, envy, anger, despair and large quantities of malice from the center of government, she continued to grow stronger and it is said that the stronger the malice in the world, the stronger she will become. Despite this, she can only live as long as a human lifetime, for when her host body's life reaches its end, she must hide her "true form" somewhere safe until a suitable candidate for her reincarnation appears. If her "true form" isn't sealed, then regardless of how many times she is defeated, she will continue to reincarnate into the next generation. As a result of this, she is said to be capable of living a thousand years. Truth is that Hagoromo Gitsune body belong to Rihan first wife Yamabuki Otome just a bit smaller and she lost the memory of him but Rihan thought that she is the daughter of Yamabuki cause of the resemblance.