Hajime Kunihiro

国広 一

Hajime is a 2nd year student at Ryuumonbuchi High School and is Touka's personal maid. A level-headed cool girl, she, according to Touka, is a strong mahjong player, capable of accomplishing almost anything that she sets her mind to: indeed, Hajime is a proven skilled player, capable of beating any regular player save the "monster" players, such as Saki, Koromo, and Takei. In the past, Hajime used lived with her Father, both of whom who struggled to make a living working as magicians: it is because of this occupation that Hajime is skilled in performing magic tricks, in particular, the "sleight-of-hand" trick, which she used when she played for her school team when she was younger: Hajime utilized her magician skills to make an illegal move, seemingly winning the game for her team. However, later investigations revealed the violation, causing Hajime's team to lose and Hajime herself to quit mahjong for a period of time. She was later approached by Touka, offering her a chance to play competitively again for Ryuumonbochi's team, attracted by Hajime's skills. Despite refusing the offer due to a desire to forget her past wrongdoings, Touka's offer becomes impossible to refuse as she was already sold to the Ryuumonbochi family by her Father. As a player for Ryuumonbochi, Touka set upon Hajime a few conditions: the primary one being that if she ever plays mahjong, she is to bear chains that restrict her hand movements to ensure that she doesn't cheat. The other condition was that she serve Touka as her personal maid. Despite these restrictions, Hajime continues on to develop a strong relationship with not just her fellow Ryuumonbochi players but grows close enough to consider all of them her family, particularly Touka and Koromo.