Hajime Saitou

斎藤 始

The commander of the Space Cavalry 1st Armored Division stationed on Planet 11, rescued by the Yamato after a fierce Comet Empire attack. He is a master of judo, karate, and wrestling. Uncouth and belligerent, he and his men refuse to respect the crew of their new home and frequently get into fights, frustrated at their reduced role as "passengers". However, on the surface of planet Telezart, inside Desler's flagship and within the Comet Empire's own space station, Saitou and his men prove their worth in ground combat. Saitou is the last surviving member of the team, and sacrifices himself to detonate explosives in the Comet Empire's power center.

His Japanese name comes from real-life Shinsengumi captain Saitou Hajime.

(Source: Yamato Wikia)