Hakaze Kusaribe

鎖部 葉風

Also Known As:

  • Witch
  • Princess of the Tree of Beginnings
  • Dancing Princess

The princess of the sorcerers and the strongest sorceress in history, she was left in a deserted island to die by the leader of Kusaribe clan, Samon. Since the Island did not allow the use of magic, she joins Mahiro's quest to avenge Aika's death, and her own revenge against Samon. She talks to Mahiro and Yoshino through a wooded doll necklace. Hakaze's setup and behavior includes allusions to Prospero, the main character from Shakespeare's play The Tempest, who just like her, is a magician betrayed by his servants and left for dead on a deserted island. After the events in Mt. Fuji where Yoshino completely turned around an argument against Samon, and helping Hakaze get out of the island, Hakaze takes a great liking to him, and as the series goes on, she falls in love further with him, and eventually does everything for Yoshino because of her love towards him. She even abandons the Tree of Genesis and helps out with the plan to destroy it. At the very end of the series, there is a hint that Hakaze goes out with Yoshino.