Ham Egg


First Appearance: 1945 – Tezuka's Treasure Island Hamegg is one of Tezuka’s longest running characters—first appearing in Tezuka’s older commercial manga Treasure Island. He is notably known for his other roles in: Kimba the White Lion, where he played the evil hunter known as Viper Snakely—his role changing in the '97 movie Jungle Emperor Leo, he plays the same character, just a different role. Other such roles include: Nextworld, Metropolis, and Black Jack. He played larger one time roles in Astro Boy as an evil robot circus owner. His biggest part is that of Inspector Akabane from Adolf—it is also one of his most notable. Hamegg often portrays a gentleman-like image but never quiet makes the cut due to his boorish mannerisms. Don’t let his shorter more cuter versions of him fool you, the short he gets, he more cynical he becomes.