Hampnie Hambart


Age: 32-33 (appears 17) A man who suddenly appeared in Ai's village and killed all the villagers. He calls himself the "Man-eating Toy", and describes himself as a cruel person. He also claims to be immortal and unable to age. He is searching for mysterious woman named Hana who he was close with and who left him dozen of years ago. When he was younger his skin was very weak and he couldn't go in the sun a lot. He wished for his life to stay the way it was when he first could go in the sun. Because that was the day God abandoned the world, his wish was granted, according to his own theory that God thinks he is granting humanity their wishes. His real name is Kizuna Astin. It is revealed that he is really Ai's father and "Hana" he is searching for is her deceased mother, Alfa. After finding out this he claimed his wish granted and died in peace after losing his immortality.