Hana Isuzu

五十鈴 華

Second Year School: Oarai Girl's High School Birthday: December 16 Blood Type: B Height: 163 cm Favorite Flower: Japanese Wisteria Favorite Tank: Carro Veloce L3/33 A member of Anko Team and the Team's gunner. A beautiful girl who has a gentle and composed demeanor, and is the other girl alongside Saori who befriended Miho during the first day. She was born into a home which had mastered the art of flower arrangement, but having felt dissatisfaction with this way of life, as a genuine Ojou-sama she chose Shensha-do instead. (Source: Official Character Sheet) Hana was originally the Anglerfish Team driver in their practice match against Oarai's other teams. In this match she was knocked unconscious by a shell and her position manned by Reizei Mako. Her tank's main gun firing wakes her up, and following the match she requests to take over as gunner, having fallen in love with the sheer power of the main gun. Despite being a Yamato Nadeshiko Hana is nevertheless shunned by her mother, the head of her ikebana school. Eventually she is cast out of her family when her mother learns that she is engaging in Sensha-do, a sport she finds barbaric. Despite this, Hana still retain her optimistic, motherly attitude, and bears her misfortune in silence. Her eventual acceptance by her mother and the improvement of her art due to the stimulating influence of Sensha-do foreshadows Miho's own reunification with her family. Hana's subplot is absent from the manga, which largely focuses on the interactions between Miho and Yukari. (Source: GUP Wikia) Hana's emotional strength and mental determination are important elements in Anglerfish Team's success. Despite her family troubles Hana always remains focused on the battlefield and this makes her a particularly reliable asset to Oarai. Hana's focus and her ability to treat Sensha-do as if it were an art like ikebana is what allows her to remain calm in stressful situations, such as when she eliminates Saunders' flag tank while her own was being fired on. Hana's focus is several times shown to be the cause behind her particular skill with the Pz IV's main gun, such as when she calmly takes her time to focus her aim on Pravda's KV-2 or when she is able to eliminate Kuromorimine's Maus super-heavy tank with a single shot. Hana also seems to feed on the pressures of the moment, and the belief that her other Oarai teammates place in her, such as in her final faceoff against Maho's Tiger, in which she prepares and focuses her mind by reminding herself that all the hopes and emotions of Oarai are resting in her ability to make the shot. (Source: GUP Wikia)