Hana Katsuragi

桂木 華

A student of class 1-A, she acts as an enforcer on school grounds, but also she is the main architect of the physical abuses that Mafuyu and Tomo have to endure every day, such as regularly throwing the class' garbage can on them or forcing them to fill it after "casually" tripping on it, to covering Tomo's desk with writings and trash. Being the right hand of Miyuri, she welcomes Ekaterina Kurae when she arrives in Japan, and it's here that her apparent fondness for lolicon is discovered, as she becomes extremely embarrassed in Ekaterina's presence and, while the latter fakes to fade out, she kisses her out of lust. These events let her become the unwilling slave of her new mistress, subject to humiliaton and erotic torment on a daily basis (which, on a side note, made her very proficient in S&M, such as making extremely complex nodes with little effort). She appears to have some masochistic tendencies, as she derives pleasure from Ekaterina's abuses. (Source: Wikipedia)