Hana Makihatayama


Also Known As:

  • Hana-chan

Hana-chan is a character who plays crucial roles from the Sharp season onwards. She first appears in Sharp as a baby born from a rose in the Majokai. Doremi and her friends are then assigned to raise her for a whole year. However, raising a magical baby is hard, and sometimes Hana-chan would use magic from her beads unexpectically. At the end, Hana-chan became sick from a curse by the Former Queen. Doremi and co. all sacrificed their witch powers to save her, and in turn, they had to give up their powers once more and lose custody of Hana-chan. In Motto, Hana-chan reappeared when she was given to Momoko by Oyajide. Neither knew each other, so they had some bonding time while Doremi and the others were in the Majokai. Hana-chan wasn't supposed to be under the girls' custody, until she was able to tumble on her head. The girls raised Hana-chan again, even changing her hairstyle. At the end, Momoko was put under a spell by the Former Queen to bring Hana-chan to her. Luckily, they were both saved, but they had to give up their powers and Hana-chan once more. Finally in Dokkan, Hana-chan misses her mothers so much that she does the last thing anyone would do - she uses magic to turn herself into an 11-year old girl so she can see Doremi and co. again. Jou-sama gives Hana-chan a magic tap of her own so she is also a witch but of pure blood. Hana-chan always speaks in third person and refers to her mothers without any honorifics. Even though she's older, Hana-chan is still trouble for her friends because she is always hyper and often annoys others. Hana-chan has no love interest, but she always looks up to her mothers, Doremi and her friends. Hana-chan's birthday is March 25, her favorite color is white, and her instrument is the accordian. Her family consists of Doremi and the others.