Hanabusa Aidou

藍堂 英

Also Known As:

  • Idol

Nicknamed "Idol" by the Day Class girls. Along with his cousin Akatsuki Kain, Hanabusa Aido is known among the Night Class as "Kaname-sama's right hand," and he has a fierce admiration for Kaname. He possesses an upper-class vampire ability to control ice. He knows that Zero is a vampire, but keeps quiet about it. Aido can seem cheerful and friendly one moment, and cold and vindictive the next. He is not fond of Yuuki, but he tolerates her because Kaname cares for her. He is the only one to have witnessed Kaname kill Shizuka, but Aidou still looks up to Kaname and wants to lend Kaname his power to help find who killed Kaname's parents. Even though Kaname declined his offer so that Aidou wouldn't put himself in danger, Aidou is now researching behind Kaname's back in books and records to try to find who could possibly have been enemies of the Kurans and to find Kaname's secrets. (Source: Wikipedia)