Hanako Tanaka

田中 花子

A tomboyish teenage girl. She has had constant headaches since she was born, leading her to go to the nurse's office quite often as a result. Because of this, students thought she was just slacking off, and was bullied by them, leaving her traumatized and unwilling to go to high school. After this, her parents started becoming apathetic to her, forcing her to run away. She met Jin as he was living in the slum she ran away to. When Jin saved her from the homicidal Crab Player, she was offered to live with him and become a family with him. She then quickly developed romantic feelings for him. She was later nearly raped by the Cockroach Player, but was saved by the combination of a call from the Shrimp Player and a group of Sweepers. When she was asked by Jin if she wanted to live away from him, she broke down crying, but was comforted by Jin telling her that he will protect her if she decides to stay, which she does. Soon after, Jin seems to reciprocate her feelings for him when she has sex with him. However, Jin convinces her to go home the next day, at least until he can get them their own home. Before she leaves, she texts her full name to Jin, and he goes on to call her Hanako, even though she hates being called that. While on a Christmas Eve date with Jin, the Sweeper attacked Jin, causing him to transform in front of her, leaving her terrified. Because he blacked out, Jin believes that either the Sweeper killed her, or he did it himself. It is revealed that after the attack on Jin, she was kidnapped by Seiji and kept as a hostage in the attack on Amagi Corp.. During a conversation with Seiji, she reveals that she still loves Jin, even if he is ZET.