Hans Humpty


Hans is one of seven heroes trapped in the mist barrier. Among the seven, he's the only hero whose name isn't well known, and for a good reason - he's an outstanding killer for hire. As he said himself, being famous would hinder his work. He never works for free, so after receiving the 6 petal flower crest he asked the king of the nearest kingdom for a reward in money before heading to the heroes' gathering point. Hans appearance is reminiscent of a cat, both by his cat-like broad smile, as well as the way he moves and acts. His speech pattern in Japanese is very distinctive, being a mix of tohoku dialect and cat speech. He's one of the smartest heroes, as well as one of the strongest, making for a deadly combination. Because of his keen mind, he's difficult to deceive, and since he enjoys killing strong opponents, he has no hesitation to attack suspicious allies as well. According to the Kyouma leaders, he's the most feared hero of the six flowers alongside with Chamo. In battle, he wields two wide blade knives and move around in an inhuman and completely unpredictable manner, sometimes rotating midair, sometimes temporarily walking on his fists, displaying at all times the flexibility of a cat. He's fast, silent, and deadly in all situations. Surprisingly, Chamo and he seem to have developed a mutual affection after a while. Chamo usually calls Hans "Neko-san".