Hanzou Hattori

服部 半蔵

Sen Tokugawa's loyal enforcer, she'll go to great lengths to protect the school and to catch her prey. Sometimes brash and always prideful, Hanzou takes her job very seriously and with the help of her followers, all as loyal as she is, they get the job done. She is also a skilled fighter, using her "power detector" glasses to great effect when sizing up her opponents. All at once shy and forceful, she cowers at the mention of anything sexual and is a classic "trope" character all around. She is very willing to please her princess, Sen Tokugawa, even though Sen treats her like garbage and harasses her at every turn. Even in the face of such ridicule, Hanzou obeys, adores, and protects Sen, almost to the point of obsession. (Source: ANN)