Also Known As:

  • Happy
  • Dirty Old Man
  • Pervert

Soun and Genma trained during their youths with the evil and perverted Happosai. The little man is THE master of Anything Goes Martial arts (Musabetsu Kakut� Ryū). He is also a panty theif and lecher beyond belief. In return for training, he berated and cajolled his two unwilling students into helping him with his panty raids and peeping expiditions. More often than not, they would end up humiliated or injured in the process. Once they had finally finished their training (ie: escaped) they were able to get on with their lives. That is, until Happosai returned to select the next Anything Goes master.

What he found when he reached the Tendou Dojo was Ranma. Disgustingly enough, Happosai leched onto girl-type Ranma, even though he knows Ranma is a boy.

Taking up residence at the Tendou Dojo, he began extending Ranma's training. He also began to expand his panty raids into the surrounding neighborhood, as well as the Tendou girls' bedrooms.

Happosai is a tiny, yet immensely powerful martial artist. He usually wears a purple coverall, or occasionally a green bathing suit. When on his panty raids, he often wears a scarf as a mask. He is bald, with white fringes and a white moustache.

Happosai is a master martial artist and deceptively strong for his size. His only real weakness is his perverted nature. Happosai would leap in front of a speeding train for a pair of girl's panties. Often times he is foiled by a well placed bra, and if he cannot lech onto some poor, unsuspecting girl, or Ranma, he goes into an addict's withdrawl syndrome. His power comes entirely from his lust, and can be easily defeated by denying it.

Happosai is master of many magical martial arts attacks, although many are really just special effects. For example, his world feared 'Happo-dai-karin' (Happo Fire Blast) Technique is really just a firework and a match. He does however, posess several powerful special energy techniques, as well.

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