Harry McKenzie


Birthday: November 17 Harry Mackenzie is a blonde-haired exchange student, skilled at fighting and a rival of Harima and Hanai. His name is pronounced the same as Harima's (in traditional Japanese use of family name first, Harima Kenji) when using Katakana, which leads to more than a few misunderstandings between the two. He is once mistaken as Harima Kenji by Hanai. He rides a gold-coloured motorcycle with a Hyaku decal and often wears red clothing and red shades, making him a parody of Char Aznable's Quattro Bajeena persona. He was first mentioned in chapter 2 of the manga when Yoshidayama misread his name and told Harima that the latter was in class 2-D. He is popular with the opposite sex and can easily attract them.