Haruka Morishima

森島 はるか

Also Known As:

  • Lovely

Age: 17-18 Class: 3-A Club: Joined and left many Height: 169 cm Weight: 52 kg Birthday: September 22 Blood type: O Favorite Color: Green and Brown A very popular girl in her final year, who has many fans at school. She can be described as picky, innocently insensitive, insecure, forgetful and eccentric. She also has a liking for cute things, especially puppies. Her best friend is Hibiki Tsukahara, a captain of the girls swimming team. She has one older brother and two younger brothers. She is a quarter British from her mother's side of the family. Her middle name is "Lovely" which was given by her British grandfather. Her arc is the first in the anime. Her ending in the game: Best End: Morishima reserves a hotel room on the pretext that Tachibana will be meeting her parents. Her parents aren't there. She takes a shower and comes out in a towel. She's flustered about Tachibana not peeping or why he hasn't confessed again despite having confessed twice (and getting shot down both times). She tells him that she's so in love with him that she can't think straight anymore. Tachibana smiles and tells her that the clumsy senpai he got to know is the senpai he fell in love with. Morishima tells him to call her Haruka and they share a passionate kiss, while her towel falls off. Sex is strongly implied. A few years later, Tachibana becomes a police detective and Morishima is his loving waifu. (Anime end) Good End: Like in the best end, Tachibana goes on a date with her on Christmas eve, but they do not go to the hotel. Instead, they meet at the park where they first met a year ago. They have a nice talk, but Haruka tells Tachibana to really think about what he wants (to make the good end you need 2 girls in the best level), and she tells Tachibana that she knows he likes another girl as well. She tells him (the player) to make a choice between her or the other girl. If and when he chooses her, they decide to meet at the park where they confess to each other and live a long love-filled life. Normal End: Tachibana and Haruka go to the Founder's Festival, and after many events, the two finish at Tachibana's classroom. There, Tachibana confesses to her, and she tells him she loves him too. In the end, Tachibana has graduated, and while the two of them are on a date, Haruka says she is really happy and loves Tachibana. Bad End: She is crushed. It's one thing to reject guys but she would never betray them like Tachibana does to her. Many years later, Tachibana is a salary man whose company is bought out by another. His new boss turns out to be Morishima. She looks at him with a cold, piercing eyes... nothing like the warm friendly senpai he betrayed those many years ago. --Ignored Epilogue is what happens if you ignore her. Ignored Epilogue: She befriends another cute kouhai who follows her around. The cute kouhai confesses and like everyone else, is flat out rejected. In other routes, you'll learn that kouhai is a superficial prick who'd never get to know Morishima like Tachibana would. All this information are about the game, and all of these events really happen like they were described.