General traits: This puchidol is usually friendly, but can sometimes bite people and not let go for the longest time. Moreover, it can take on a wide variety of different forms. If it comes into contact with cold water, it starts to multiply and there will usually be a whole pile of copies in the end. Haruka sometimes pours water on it because she thinks the copies are pretty, and Ami and Mami sometimes pour water on it to create chaos around the office. However, the copies can be made to disappear by someone forecfully uttering the commands "Line up! Return!" (整列ï¼� 戻れï¼�). It doesn't like bright light and grows weak if it stays out in the sun for too long. If it eats something after midnight, it turns into a darker form with its ribbons changing shape to resemble devilish horns. To bring it back to normal, one has to remove the ribbons and then tie them on again in their usual shape. It can also grow extremely large, but no one knows exactly what triggers this. In this form it is docile and doesn't do much, but when fed it will also try to swallow the person feeding it. To return it to normal, one has to slap it in the middle of its forehead. Seasonal changes: None of its changes appear to be seasonally dependent. Calls: "Harukakka!" (ã�¯ã‚‹ã�‹ã�£ã�‹), "Kakka!" (ã�‹ã�£ã�‹), "Vaai!" (ヴã��~ã�„). When in dark form, it laughs with a rather creepy "Ahahahaha...!" (ã‚¢ãƒ�ãƒ�ãƒ�ãƒ�…). Other things of note: Many of Harukasan's different forms and characteristics are based on those of the Mogwai/Gremlins from the movie Gremlins. Discovered by: Iori on a desert island Named by: Haruka First appearance: Chapter 4 (Source: laburey.webs.com)