Haruki Emishi

笑師 春樹

Also Known As:

  • The Bloody Joker

Age: 20 Birthday: May 16 Sex: Male Height: 178 cm Weight: 70 kg Blood type: O Popularity rating: 14th with 158 votes One of the followers of Volts in Infinity Fortress. He was known as the "Fresh Blood Joker" (Senketsu no Joker) because he would always laugh as the blood of his enemies was shed, always killing with a smile. Also, his skills in combat mean that he is often covered in the blood of his enemies after battles. (In fact, Shido Fuyuki once commented that if his will becomes stronger, his might is actually on par with the 4 Kings of VOLTS.) Emishi's weapon is a long whip woven from the hair of the women of his people which also referred to as "Dragon's Hair" because, thanks to the special way the hair is looked after before and after it's woven as well as the special way that it's braided, the whip itself is as strong and pliable as a dragon's whisker. The whip itself consists of a single grip in the middle with two whip lengths protruding from each side, which Emishi handles very well with quick and fluid attacks such as the "The Spinning top", "Venom Imitation", "Sandstorm" or "Winds of Destruction". Another technique Emishi has is that his blood, as with all Loulan warriors, is highly combustible when it make contact with oxygen, though, unfortunately for Emishi, it only seems to work when a large, arterial flow of blood is used. He went under the rule of MakubeX after VOLTS broke up as one of the new four kings, chosen for his speed and fighting prowess and fought the retrievers of IL in the Infinity Fortress. He is the only male descendant left from the ancient Western Chinese desert kingdom of Loulan (Rouran) who are able to fight. He is also an admirer and good friend of Shido after the Beast master made his way to his village in the Infinity fortress, delievering food to the starving children, an image radically different to the wandering rumors. (Source: Wikipedia)