Harumi Fujiyoshi

藤吉 晴美

A fan of yaoi and cat ears, and the classroom's resident illustrator. She has an innate coupling instinct, imagining slash pairings between all sorts of (male) characters, her favorite couple being Pine × Napple; she has also imagined pairings between Nozomu and his friend with rather explicit content. Her tastes are considered unusual, even abnormal, which often puts her at odds with Chiri. She possesses amazing athletic abilities, causing her to be recruited into various athletic clubs. Her three older brothers are all involved in the anime industry. Apparently, according to her mom, Harumi was an accidental child. Her name is a combination of fujoshi (yaoi fangirls, sometimes romanized as fujyoshi) and Harumi, the previous site of Comiket before it moved to Tokyo Big Sight.