Also Known As:

  • Camellia

Haruna was the Juraian lover of Yosho. After Yosho defeated Kagato, he and Haruna left for Earth. Haruna died right after she and Yosho reached Earth. Yosho buried Haruna next to her Juraian tree, a camellia. In rememberance of Haruna, Yosho planted camellia trees everywhere he traveled using the seeds for Haruna's camellia. Half a century later, Haruna's camellia bloomed for its last time, awakening Haruna's spirit. Haruna called out to Tenchi and pulled him into an alternate world powered by Tenchi's Juraian power. Yosho kills Haruna's tree, causing her to remember the past. Yosho came to her world one last time, to see her and remind her of her past.