Haruna Saotome

早乙女 ハルナ

Also Known As:

  • Paru

Seat Number: 14 Birthdate: August 18, 1988 Blood type: B Hair: green (Anime) Black (Manga) Eyes: light brown Likes: tea parties, crime scenes Hates: bugs, deadlines Clubs: Manga Research Society, Library Expedition Club Other: Her Pen-name is "Paru" Artifact: Imperium Graphices A member of the "Library Trio" along with Nodoka Miyazaki and Yue Ayase, Haruna comes off as the most upbeat and energetic of the three. Although she gets along with Negi from the start, her feelings never quite get to the level of "Love," content with letting her friends have their shot. She's also an aspiring manga artist, specializing in "adult" stories. Despite not being romantically attracted to anyone, Haruna seems to have the odd ability to detect when someone around her is in love by using her bangs like antennae. She also claims that love itself has a scent akin to rotting candy almonds, which she calls the "love reek." Haruna discovers the truth about Negi and the existence of magic during the martial arts tournament of the Mahora Festival. After reading some info about Negi's father that was being passed around on the net, Haruna immediately grills Nodoka, Yue, and Konoka on the subject, and they quickly cave under pressure, telling her the truth about Negi, Magic, and probationary contracts. But unlike most of her classmates who react to the truth with a mixture of shock and denial, Haruna completely embraces magical society and lore from the start. She resolves to get a magical artifact, kissing Negi without warning the second she sees him before understanding how probationary contracts work, just so she can get an item. Haruna becomes the 6th person to perform a probationary contract with Negi. Her artifact, Imperium Graphices, when activated, becomes an artist's cap and apron with a notebook. The notebook can bring anything Haruna draws in it to life, from simple golems, to massive defensive or offensive constructs. The strength and function of said constructs is limited only by Haruna's imagination and the speed at which she can draw. Her breast size in class appears to be ranked 5th.