Kuroyuri's subordinate. He is very quiet and only speaks when he is spoken to. He is always polite while speaking to those of a higher rank and is quite self-conscious about how they see him. He is optimistic, naive and very kind, particularly to children. In the manga, he always wears a smile on his face, though he shows very little facial expression in the anime. During the battle for the Eye of Mikhail, he sacrifices himself to protect Kuroyuri and Ayanami, thus getting his heart stolen by Mikhail. He is seen in a coma, but later revived by Ayanami, after he devours half of Fest's ability to connect Haruse's soul to Kuroyuri's, although not perfectly. When the Black Hawks capture Castor and Labrador, Castor uses his ability to connect their souls completely, thus saving Haruse once and for all. After Ayanami's death, Haruse leaves the military along with Kuroyuri and opens a cake shop. (Source: 07-Ghost Wikia)