Hayato Aozora

青空 颯斗

Birthdate: September 15 Horoscope: Virgo Height: 182CM Weight: 60KG Blood Type: A School Year: 2 Subject: Mythology Aozora Hayato is a 2nd year student and plays the piano. During Christmas he says he hates Christmas and doesn't believe in santa or presents or any of that. His big complex is that he wants to be acknowledged by his family who ignored him to the point that they don't even call him by his name. The reason is because his older brother and sister are all genius pianists while he was never as good as them and therefore was the bastard child of the family. When Tsukiko finally confesses to him, he's like "I feel sorry for you, for liking me." Later he gets over himself and agrees to be the next student council president in addition to confessing to Tsukiko. He agrees to enter the piano recital after being begged by the music club a and because he does so well his family finally acknowledges that he has talent. He's so happy that he wants to quit school and become a pianist instead. Tsukiko is upset because she realizes that it's not that he wants to become a pianist, but he is so happy that his family recognizes him that he will do anything to continue this recognition. In the true end he marries Tsukiko 5 years later.