Hazuki Fujiwara


Hazuki is Doremi's childhood friend, and likewise, the opposite of Doremi. She is quiet, smart, and proper, not to mention that she also has a wealthy family. Hazuki sometimes feels insecure about her ties with her friends, and thinks she will lose them forever. (But Doremi reassures that they will be friends forever.) One important fact about Hazuki is that she has an extreme fear of ghosts. Whenever there is mention of one, she'll scream, run around, and constantly shout Majorika's name. Hazuki has no real love interest, but she has affection for Yada Masaru. Though she is the love interest of Fujio from FLAT 4, she doesn't appear to like him that way. Hazuki's birthday is on the February 14th. Her favorite color is orange, and her instrument is the violin. Her family consists of her parents and her maid, Baaya. Her enchantation spell is "Paipai Ponpoi Puwapuwa Puu", her Magical Stage's being "Paipai Ponpoi Shinayakani". In the English adaption, her name is changed to Reanne Griffith in 4Kids Entertainment. In Finnish, her name is changed to Sylvi Nevakivi in Ojamajo Doremi in Finnish on MTV3.