Hibiki Tachibana

立花 響

Also Known As:

  • Bikki

Symphogear: Gungnir (lit. "Swaying One," holy lance of Odin), Durendal ("Sword of Endurance", holy sword of Roland) A student who's an avid fan of Zwei Wing. She had a near-death incident in the past, her memories of which are hazy. She believes Tsubasa to have answers to the mysteries surrounding the past. In episode 5 of the second season, the Nephilim bites off Hibiki's arm. Because of the lost arm she goes berserk and regenerates her lost arm, this happens in episode 6. Later on, it is revealed that the fragments of Gungnir are spreading throughout her body and making a new order. Even though this gives her explosive power, it endangers her life, therefore it has the chance of killing her if she keeps on using her Symphogear.