Hifumi Yamada

山田 一二三

Also Known As:

  • Porky

Height: 170 cm
Weight: 155 kg
Chest: 150 cm
Birthday: December 31
Zodiac: Capricorn
Specialty: Super High School Level Doujin Author / Fanzine Author

Yamada comes across as creepy and perverted, possibly due to his tendency to make an innuendo over some things that other students said; a trait that creeps Leon out. He also has a habit of referencing a lot of anime or video games in his speech. He loves Buko, the female lead in his favorite anime series, Heretic Angel ☆ Mochi Mochi Princess. He has a particular dislike toward people who supposedly don’t understand the true meaning of doujin, even going as far to claim that they’re ruining everything. His dream is to ‘save’ other people by making a doujin that will inspire them to create their own.

He was tricked by Celes into thinking that Ishimaru had stolen Alter Ego and had done indecent thinks to 'her', thus accepting her offer to team up to kill Ishimaru and one other. After Ishimaru's death, he was betrayed by Celes and was murdered himself. Upon being found near death, he woke up and remembered that he met everyone at Hope's Peak pre-despair, which no one believes. He also states that the person who killed him had the name "Yasuhiro." It turns out Taeko Yasuhiro is Celestia's real name.



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