Also Known As:

  • Dawn
  • Pikari
  • Dee Dee
  • Maya

Dawn is a 10 year old girl who has just started her Pokémon journey. Her mother once won the Grand Festival, and Dawn has her heart set on following in her mother's footsteps and aims to be a great Coordinator. She befriended her starter Piplup while searching for a Chimchar that escaped from Professor Rowan's lab. Shortly afterward, she met up with Ash after finding Pikachu, who was on the run from Team Rocket. Dawn decided to join Ash on his journey through Sinnoh. Dawn's Pokemon: Piplup Buneary Pachirisu Mamoswine (Evolved from Swinub and then Piloswine) Quilava (Evolved from Cyndaquil) Togekiss Ambipom (Evolved from Aipom; originally Ash's) Buizel (Traded to Ash)