Hikoichi Aida

相田 彦一

Year: 1st Year Height: 165 cm Weight: 52 kg Cheerful and energetic, Hikoichi aspires to become a player like his Ryonan teammates but, not being up to their level, he just stays with the reserves (more specifically with the coach, Moichi Taoka) and acts more as a team manager than a full player, taking detailed notes during matches. His catchphrase is "gotta check it," aside from shouting "Unbelievable!!!" every time something exciting happens during a match. He too considers Hanamichi a great player, because he was talked into it when they first met. Hikoichi also idolizes Ryota because he is a starter for Shohoku despite his short height (Ryota is only three centimeters, about one inch, taller than Hikoichi). He has an older sister, Yayoi Aida, who is a reporter for a basketball magazine (and from whom Hikoichi might have gotten his habit of taking notes). (Source: Wikipedia)