Hime Yarizakura

槍桜 ヒメ

A sixteen-year-old high school girl with supernatural powers. In the anime she assumed the role of mayor of the city when she was a child after her grandmother was "tuned" by Akina's grandfather; in the manga however, her grandmother simply passed away. She treasures her long scarf which was made by Akina. Her scarf was made to cover up her scar on her neck which was made by Yae Shinatsuhiko to seal most of Hime's youkai power. In the manga, all of the townspeople including her friends had their memory of Hime being a youkai sealed because when she was a child, she asked Yae to seal the memory so she can have a better perspective from a human's point of view and a youkai's point of view. In chapter thirteen however, everyone memory of her being a youkai have returned when a group who is running against Hime's little cousin, Kohime, was running as mayor in another town, wanted her to drop out of the election and Hime to give her position to their leader by threating them with a barrier that weakens all the youkai to a point that can be life threatening and because of that Yae had no choice but to weaken the barrier that they made which in turn return everyone's memory. Hime happens to be a glutton and loves to eat noodles especially those cooked by Akina. She is also quite sensitive about her weight; She trains using the teachings her grandmother taught her and patrols the town everyday. She uses her grandmother's teachings in the hopes that she will become a great mayor like her grandmother once was. She may appear harsh at times, but she has a kind heart. In the manga she uses a Lacrosse racket as her weapon, while in the anime she uses a contractible spear. She has a deep friendship with Akina and Gin. (Source: Wikipedia)