Himeka Akishino

秋篠 姫香

Also Known As:

  • Himekashizuka Heaven's Rain
  • Burning Princess Saint Dragon Lady of Dawn
  • Burning Pudding Prince

Birthday: May 30 Height: 153 cm (5') Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs) Likes: Video games A mysterious, black-haired girl who is actually a chuunibyo. She sent Eita letters and messages so she could finally see him. Himeka calls herself "Himekashizuka Heaven's Rain" while being in chuuni mode, and tells that her name from past life was "Burning Princess Saint Dragon Lady of Dawn". She has a one-sided crush for Eita, and says that she is his former girlfriend. However, when she isn't in chuuni mode, she has a poker face usually on, talks in third person, is a taciturn who answers usually by nodding and even throws tantrums sometimes about how Eita is only hers. In the anime she is known as "Burning Pudding Princess."