Himeko Katagiri

片桐 姫子

Blood Type: B Zodiac Sign: Leo Himeko is a wastefully energetic girl who often shouts "maho" ("マホ") - a nonsensical catchphrase that perhaps references the word "aho" ("��), meaning "idiot" or "fool." She frequently annoys the other students in her class with her antics and inability to carry a straight train of thought. Her "ahoge" (the lock of hair on her head) contains a mysterious power that gives Himeko her limitless energy and is capable of movement on its own accord. After the mushroom incident of episode 20, her ahoge shrinks and in order to appear as if nothing has changed, she wears a wig to mask it. Whenever this wig is pulled off, she again loses her energy, though it is returned once the wig is returned to her head. In the English translation, Himeko's ahoge is referred to as a cowlick.