Himeno Shirayuki

白雪 姫乃

Himeno is Ringo's half-sister. She lived with her mother and her father until Ringo's mother drove them away from their house. She and Ringo share the same father, and have different mothers. She has seven younger siblings: four brothers and three sisters. She has top grades and works at part-time jobs to support her siblings. Himeno won the miss Otogi beauty contest. She is kind and has quiet personality. Her character was based on Snow White. When Ringo learned about how she was driven away from her father, she felt embarrased and felt guilty about Himeno's situation. Ringo separated herself from her home and started living alone, to be independent from her parents, and to able to help Himeno. She tried to help her older sister, but she never could, she eventually avoided her. The two reconciled their feelings later, and Himeno stated that she was never angry of Ringo, because she didn't know about the situation they were in, and even if she knew Ringo couldn't do anything about it.