Hina Fuuma

風魔 陽菜

She is one of Kinji's juniors. A Lezzad freshman, enrolled in class 1-C. She has her black hair usually pony-tailed in the back. She also wears a long muffler around the neck, a fundoshi for underwear, and appears in traditional ninja garb. She is rumored to be a descendant of a famous ninja lineage. Back in middle school, she and Kinji had a practice spar before. At that time, Kinji was coincidentally in Hysteria Mode and had subdued Fuuma like a kid. Ever since then, she holds a huge respect to Kinji, and calls Kinji "Master". Due to poverty, she works part-time a lot, in which she refers to as "training", in order to pay for her tuition as well as for subsistence. (Source: Hidan no Aria Wiki)