Hinako Inui

乾 日向子

Also Known As:

  • Mist Empress

Hinako Inui is an 80th Generation Tootsuki Academy alumnus and a previous second seat of the Elite Ten Council. She is the owner and head chef of the Japanese restaurant Kirinoya. She is one of the respected legends of both her former school and alumni, among the few students who successfully graduated academy. Like most of the 10 alumni, Inui took the quality of the food very serious for it's freshness as well as. Fame for her nickname as the Mist Empress (霧�女�) during her admission in the academy, Inui is able to know the quality of the food just by her nibble before she could bite into her mouth. With this, she can easily tell of the food is good or bad by just putting the food on her lips before finally eating them. Behind her mature, stern and professional personality however, Inui may be childish and rather whenever she confused of either decision which she could made. Considered as a joke member of all alumni, Inui actually make several jokes to cheer her peers. Inui's cooking style would preferred to the Japanese traditional style known as washoku. (Source: Shokugeki no Souma Wikia)