Hinano Oribe

雛乃 織部

Age: 18 Birth date: December 31 Birthplace: Tokyo Bloodtype: A The younger of the Oribe twins, Hinano is also a third year high school student at Yukimi Meadows. She is the captain of the Kyūd� team, and is a very skilled archer. She is friends with Komaki Sakurai, having been rivals with her during school archery tournaments. Unlike her sister (whom she always refers to as Ne-sama, the formal, respectful term for "big sister") Hinano is quite willowy, humble, and soft-spoken. She is shy and naïve around strangers, especially men; when they are introduced to the Magami Five through Komaki and Kyouko Touno, Hinano hides behind Yukino when Kyouichi tries talking to her. She is a devote Miko, often seen caring for the temple and those seeking its sanctuary. The shrine maidens study with Ryuuzan Arai, and are well versed in battling demons and casting spells. They later come to the aid of the main characters when they are forced to fight against a possessed Aoi. After the battle with Kodzunu, the twins become major players throughout season two. The Oribe twins are descendants of Katsuno Oribe from the prequel game Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Gehouchou. (Source: Wikipedia, original video game data)