Birthday: October 22 Age: 27 Height: 185 cm Blood Type: AB Likes: Meddling with people Dislikes: Unknown Food he Likes: Wine, Kirine fruits Food he Dislikes: Unknown Hair Color: Dark Purple Eye Color: Dark Purple Second Ship's Captain. Doesn't show his true feelings, so no one really knows what he's thinking. He often tends to be teased by other supervisors from the administration tower, because he looks suspicious. However, he himself appears unaffected. He apparently has an older brother. Is often absent from the ship, because he does some work outside, but... First Ship's Captain Tsukitachi is the same age as him. The "hira" kanji in Hirato's name means "even, flat, peace" and "to" is "gates." (Source: extra pages in chapter 18) A very polite man who doesn't take his work too seriously, but does his job well. His smile can be deceiving. Entrusts Nai and Gareki to Yogi and Tsukumo. His weapon is a cane and the name of his special attack is Vakuum (German for "vacuum").